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Playlists  by genre fans for genre fans:


Sci-Fi films that defined the decade

New Horrors from the festival circuit

Classic Action from Bruce Lee to Vin Diesel

Deep Cuts & Underground Cult Favorites

Series we never stopped loving

Witches & Warlocks

Mind-Benders & Mad Scientists

Creature Features

Back from the Dead : Zombies

BOO! Paranormal Phenomena

Tick Tick Boom

Viral & Infectious

Bite size- shorts from Fantastic Fest, Frightfest, Fantasia


Films you should have seen in film school  

Science Fiction to Science Fact

Exploitation Nation

He’s Right Behind You! Slashers to-die-for

Little Green Men

Dejavu - Originals & Remakes

Hail Sagan! Cults & Conspiracies

Fists of Steel  

Tough Nuts to Crack: Whodunits, Cliffhangers, and Plot Twisters

My Mind…its melting!


Bizarre Bazaar


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